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My Passion for photography was ignited while I was living for 9 months in Byron Bay, Australia in 2003/2004. I have been traveling the world as a student of nature, in search of a deeper understanding of life and consciousness. I have sought out the peacefulness of the wilderness, observing the untouched perfection and inherent wisdom of the universe. Each image is an everlasting record of the present moment, and I am honored to be able to pass on inspirations found along the way. Thank you for taking your time to view the world through my lens, in this way we can share appreciation for this life, and for each breath we are granted to breathe. 


I grew up in the countryside of New Hampshire, USA, where I spent a lot of time playing outdoors, camping and exploring in nature. I attended Waldorf (Steiner) School for 14 years, where I was encouraged to be creative and develop my imagination through different forms of artwork and self-expression. As my mother is Norwegian, our family traveled to Norway every few years when I was a child to visit for the summer. Thus, I developed an interest for world travel at a young age. Since then, I have been living and traveling in 30+ countries, 18 of which are represented on this website.


Countries represented: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, England, Croatia, Norway, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Java, Bali, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia.